Following the post on the Sinn 356, here’s another Sinn watch – a pretty chunky dive style watch that was released at the Swiss watch industry nerdfest, Baselworld, in 2017. I got this watch on a whim because you don’t see them often.

The Sinn 103 has been around for a while – and this limited edition Sinn 103 St Sa E (presumaly Steel, Sapphire and Errr…) essentially uses standard case, dial and the staple ETA 7750 movement, but with a couple of differences in finish – the hands and markers on the dial have been coloured ivory rather than white, to give them a vintage look. And it’s limited to only 300 units, so the rotor is inscribed “EINE VON 300”, visible through the sapphire case back.

20190501_130327 (2)The strap is a vintage-look leather job with a Sinn branded buckle, but unfortunately there’s a small tear in the leather on the inside right by where the buckle joins, so it has a habit of rubbing uncomfortably on the wrist.

I tried it on a blue/white leather Toshi strap I’ve had for a few years and I think it looks pretty good, but I wanted to restore it to a tan leather one.


So I got a Steveo Straps vintage style one made – both of these strap companies are guys who are artisans, making beautiful and not massively expensive straps by hand. Check out their stuff – it comes highly recommended.

So here it is, wearing the Steveo – the strap’s a bit lighter in colour than the OEM, and it is slightly thicker nearer the buckle (20/18mm) so the original Sinn buckle is a shade too small to fit on this strap. No matter, it’s a really nice addition to the watch.


The thing is, I bought it not knowing if it would be for me. I absolutely love the look of it, but it is a big watch for my puny wrists.

I happened to show it to a friend, who was so taken with it he said, “Can you get me one?”

Given the rarity, I doubt it – and in a moment of clarity, I told him he could take this off me for what it cost me…

20190512_095240 (2)

So we did the deal, went out for breakfast the following morning and it occurred to me that I didn’t have any pics of the watch with the new strap, or in fact, photos of its case back… so borrowed my friends watch to get the last few snaps…

20190512_095255 (2)

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